Interview with Stephen Parker – Alexander Technique

I recently interviewed Stephen Parker, an Alexander Technique teacher. We spoke about this technique and about issues and problems related to our instrument, the accordion. I published the interview on <<[…] we often want solutions, and we want them to be clear and defined […] if your general state of being is to misuse yourself, and by that we… Read more →

Interview with Frode Haltli

In 2013-14 I’ve been an exchange student on the master level with Frode Haltli at the Norwegian Academy of Music of Oslo. I interviewed him on the theme “New Scandinavian music for accordion” and we spoke on several issues regarding the Scandinavian culture and identity. The interview is divided in seven parts: 1) Introduction to the Scandinavian culture and society,… Read more →


19/03/2014, OSLO (NOR) Intuitive people 21:30, Josephine Vertshus, Oslo Intuitive People makes the next move. This time at Josephine’s Vertshus Intuitive People will present new composed works on the theme “words and literature”. read more; poster; listen Read more →

Solo/duo recital

27/12/2013, MERANO (ITA) Barbara Ardenois, Luca Pignata, accordions; Thecomfortzone 16:00,  Die Filmwerkstatt, Via Scuderie 8 – Merano (BZ) Accordion2.0. Solo and duo recital; music by Gubaidulina, Jokinen, Pagliarani, Zolotarjof, Zorn, Sciarrino Read more →

Concert/Intuitive People

01/11/2013, OSLO (NOR) Intuitive people 19:00 Norges musikkhøgskole, Levinsalen Based on John Cage’s chance concept from 1967, Intuitive People ( tomorrow’s renewers of music) will present their fresh interpretation. It is a Gesamtkunstwerk where the artists make individual unchangable programs of performances, based on chance operations, that will surprise both them and the audience WITHOUT flexible interaction. read more; on… Read more →

Collective concert

01/06/2013, URBANIA (ITA) Italian Accordion Academy, Il fiore delle mille e una nota 2 21:00 Barco Ducale, Urbania Music by Ravel, Stravinsky, Louie, Bach, Jacomucci, Ligeti, Kurtag, de Machaut, Baranek, Pärt, Jokinen, Gershwin, Albright   Read more →

Collective concert

19/05/2013, SANTERAMO IN COLLE (ITA) 20:30 Palazzo marchesale; Santeramo in Colle (Bari) 2° festival internazionale della fisarmonica, città di Santeramo in Colle. I will play Bach’s fugue BWV 535, Apparizione di Franz Schubert by Mario Pagliarani (accordion duo with Barbara Ardenois), Ravel’s Pavane pour une infante defunte (duo with B.A.) poster Read more →