Accordion Seminar/Workshop

Seminar/Workshop about the modern accordion (duration: about 1h 30’). Main topics:

  • The ancestors of the accordion: the free reed instruments from the prehistory until today and the aerophone keyboard instruments (organ, harmonium) (organology)
  • View of the inside of the instrument (a concert accordion will be opened for the public)
  • The accordion in the 19th century and his relative instruments (harmonium, concertina, Bibelregal, bandoneon)
  • The figure of the Danish accordion pioneer Mogens Ellegaard (1935-1996), the one that most deeply influenced the evolution of the accordion and his literature in the second half of the 20th century
  • The sound production on the accordion, the use of the bellows, extended techniques with numerous excerpts
  • The contemporary accordion repertoire: concert of about 30’

The seminar can be held in English or Italian.