The Rite of Birth

“The Rite of Birth”, subtitled “A Tale in Music”, begins to take shape from a reflection on the acoustic perception of a baby in his early life in the maternal uterus and in his early childhood.
The ear starts its development already in the third week of the pregnancy but the fetus begins to hear around the 24th week, when the apparatus is completely developed. He can perceive only part of the sounds and mainly the low frequencies. We then imagined a deformed perception of the sound, dilated and distorted. Time by time the point of view changes: “Scratch”, for example, written by the Norwegian composer Rolf Wallin, represents for us perfectly the conflict in the mother, divided between an extreme tenderness and the fear of the new life/thing growing in her viscera.
The growth of the child seemed us to have analogies with a magical ritual in which every event follows necessarily the previous one with the final goal of creating/giving/transmitting a new life.
For the performance, beside our main instrument – the accordion – we use various electronic devices to control – with a laptop – digital synthesizers, live recorded ambient sounds, music samples, sound effects, and play them. These electronics are integrated with the acoustic accordions and with toy instruments, voice, amplified objects’ sounds, with the pursue of create, rather than a classical concert, a fluid mass of sound that moves through (the) time and in which the events that take place can be a dog’s bark as well as the Goldberg Variations by Bach.
Our goal is to keep the format open and fluid, “responsive”, including parts of improvisation and the possibility of replace whole segments at every performance. At the same time we propose, in a new frame, compositions taken by the classical and contemporary repertoire.